WEST HAM VS AFC BOURNEMOUTH – Premier League 15/16

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Saunders’ channel: https://youtube.com/saunderscb. West Ham take on AFC Bournemouth at Upton Park in a 7-goal thriller. Drop a like if you enjoy! ► Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subSPEN
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Football The Beautiful Game says:

Thank you Saunders you are great

Full Time Blues! ! says:

I hate the people who are in their seats 1 minute before kick-off….

CaseyDrummond says:

I love Chelsea #blues

Oskar Pilcher says:

i love your dad, spence, he so funny

Jordan O.dea says:

I would like more West Ham volgs at the London stadium next year also maybe do the match day experience vs Crystal Palace FC

Miriam Raouf says:

spenders is the best

OllBailey 03 says:

your brother done well

gotze10bvb /harley David roberts says:

I what match of the day

Aden'slifeandthings says:

i was there!!!!

KP HD says:

Nicely done Saunders

CWF6 says:

3:07 did he mean like it was 2-1 to west ham??

Razerguy 1 2 says:

I'm from Bournemouth but support West Ham :/

ashton Mcdivittbrown says:

how old is seb

Dimitri Nossar says:

31 celsius and they're having a drink break? They'd fucking die in Sydney in the summer, was 45+ celsius on Christmas Day

Come on Mate says:

Spencer your brother is just as good as you

crazy twins says:

manunited fan

YouTube Tuber says:

can you do more west ham vlogs

YouTube Tuber says:

I really like you

Liam_FC says:

Sanders is better Then Spencer

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