West Ham United FC – Farewell Boleyn – Closing Ceremony 10/05/2016

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West Ham United FC – Farewell Boleyn – 10th May 2016

The closing ceremony following the final game at The Boleyn Ground, West Ham United FC v Manchester United FC


lisa clementson says:

super fit noble and the taem whats gone wrong to early for the move a pitch is apitch they should train at hackney marches that will sort them out thats wide open with loads of space and a nice long walk back to the cowsheds old school i used to ply there or build a new home at hackney marshes irons forever from gary o

christopher mchale says:


Jamie Murphy says:

This would break my fucking heart if my team done this.

Frankie Dobinson says:

How did you record this from your tv mate? Need to do this



Hiago Pedro Oliveira says:

west ham fans brazil

Simply Alex says:

Adrian's baby and Carroll baby are legends

Scott C says:

Do you have this video with the music mate? Id love a copy as the club wont release it on DVD…. many thanks

Gary r says:

im not a west ham fan ..so I dont know tbe situation regarding west ham moving from their home…but I keep thinking ..why didnt the fans boycott the move…and say if we do move we will boycott games in the new stadium…like I said I know nothing of the situation here …just seems very sad…if someone could fill me in

Gary r says:

jamie mentions. ..wonderful new stadium. ..a wonderful new stadium it may be
..but not a wonderful new stadium to watch football. .

Dimas Pambudi says:

come on big belly, why you claiming Sinatra's song on this video? screw you copyright claimer!

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