West Bromwich Albion | Away vlogs!

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Today I head south for WBA vs Hull City AFC! My 2nd trip to The Hawthornes and one of my favourtie vlogs! UTT!!!!





ziggy ashton says:

Just watched Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence , Psalms 23 ;( by Bowie

Louie Rahimi says:

Lincoln Ipswich today you should have gone

Lewis Alder says:

Yeah that was me pal.

Lewis Alder says:

We're definitely down.

Lewis Alder says:

Yeah, with the bald guy.

Lewis Alder says:

Phelan sacked btw.

Lewis Alder says:

Great video

Freddie Quiggin says:

The verve at the start 👌 good video mate

westbrom fan tv says:

unlucky pal, u played well

Ben Hockney says:

You going to Ipswich

Jack Dunne says:

Saw you at the game👍

Kyle ellis306 says:

great vid bro are u going to the fa cup match

PizzHdGaming says:

With out snodgrass you would be fucked hahahaha

Lincoln City Fan Base says:

See you Saturday mate

chew_chew86439 says:

yo good video

Alex Craig Groundhopping says:

Great Video,I'm off to WBA On Saturday

Fut Champions Pro says:

Hull 1 – 3 West brom

Sonny Lawless says:

Did you film anything at Lincoln if so will there be a video?

Lukes says:

Class vid as per bro

SuperLeeds says:

Great vid bro! want Snodgrass back 😭

Harry hcafc M says:

Stuck in traffic and got to the game at half time

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