West Brom v Liverpool 0-1 | We’re Better Than West Brom! | Chris’ Uncensored Match Reaction

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West Brom v Liverpool 0-1 | We’re better than West Brom! | Chris’ Uncensored Match Reaction. The Redmen TV, proudly backed by Ladbrokes. For the best odds click here: http://po.st/RMTVLadbrokes

Chris gives his thoughts after Bobby Firmino sealed a well fought win against West Brom at the Hawthorns!

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Wali Snow says:

1. Scored from a set piece
2. Kept a clean sheet
3. West Brom didn't score from a set piece

am.saturday says:

well well Chris Mr. GQ 👏👏

liverpool fan tv lads says:

what a win Come On Liverpool YNWA

lalu pato says:

Chris is always perfectly honest with you …top lad…3 points…happy days….YNWA

jurgen_meister 21 says:

chelsea you have 1 job. beat man united
chelsea: hold my beer

Christo vimal says:

fuck Chelsea wank jobs

y1521t21b5 says:

Should have scored a couple more, but fair play to 3pts and a clean sheet. Win, train, improve, repeat! YNWA


What are Chelsea playing at???
Just when we thought we would be 8 points ahead of them fuking mancs😡😡

Aaron T says:

2nd clean sheet in 2017, woop

Rat Wolf says:

@TheRedmenTV We actually have scored 18 at sey pieces this season. So yes Pajak, we are f'ing better than WBA. 👍🤘✌

styzor says:

checked the score at 75mins.. my arse.. lol.. we deffo needed that, i know you was saying on the sub show its ok.. fuck that we need every win atm.. up the reds!! YNWA ..


EJ Estonactoc says:

we're in great form

MattyRose LFC says:

Girl on the right is an absolute 10 1:13

Phillip Kolesinski says:

I love this man

Storm Truper says:

Fuck off chelsea! Just when we thought we would be 9 points ahead of the manc bastards 😭

ObviouslyKieran says:

From winning 5 European cups to being excited to win at West Bromwich.

Speedy Gonzalez says:

Lucas is a leg.

Jürgen Klopp says:

We're getting the job done week by week, top four is ours. How good is Gini on the ball, holds it so well.

The Redarmy says:

Jesus Christ Chris calm down it's only rugby team West Brom today. 5 game's to go let's win them all.

TylerAFC 97 says:

As much as i love watching Liverpool this match was pretty boring

Johnny Barnsinho says:

Wijnaldum makes Pogba look like a fuckin' turd house!

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