West Brom v Liverpool 0-1 | Story Of The Match

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West Brom v Liverpool 0-1 | Story Of The Match The Redmen TV, proudly backed by Ladbrokes. For the best odds click here: http://po.st/RMTVLadbrokes

Relive the game from the Hawthorns away end as Klopp’s men cam away with another vital 3 points in the top 4 race!

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Rolf Stormbringer says:

Liverpool Liverpool!!!❤️

The MoeHammer says:

Emre can deserves a fucking boss song, now. Fucking brilliant player, gets stuck in to everything and then just smiles. BAD GUY EMRE

Steve Griffiths says:

Gotta luv Lucas..

Cahooleo Vlogs says:

In my opinion the best result is 3 nill not because of the goals but the clean sheet so even today fantastic result

John Smith says:

What is the actual original song for the Wijnaldum chant?

Jack says:

Ahhhhh. The famous Machin laugh

John Mcgarvey says:

Moreno was thinking he might get into a starting eleven before he even shot if you can call it that

Wayne Rooney says:

Hillsborough was funny

Psych Word says:

R.i.p to the 96 people who died 28 years ago yesterday in the Hillsborough disaster.

elephantmad 4500 says:

just a reminder of leicester win the champions leauge and United win Europa league and we come fourth no champions leauge as only 5 teams from each leauge are aloud in

Matthew Momsen says:

eh…we beat them 3-0😂😂

Johnathan Ace says:

We need better chants lads.

Aaron T says:

everyone loves Gini

Aaron T says:

Moreno is a becoming a cult villain

Aaron T says:

did Loris save any?

Aaron T says:

winning ugly is always nice

y1521t21b5 says:

What an important win. Make it 5 more! We absolutely Kopped that stand. Good one! YNWA

Dr. Spy HD says:

Where's Lord Pogshite? Dirty Manc

keegan773 says:

Did they put the two goals out for Moreno's shooting practice?

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