West Brom v Liverpool 0-1 | Happy With The Win But It Could Have Been More! | #LFC Fan Cam

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West Brom v Liverpool 0-1 | Happy with the win but it could have been more! | #LFC Fan Cams. The Redmen TV, proudly backed by Ladbrokes. For the best odds click here: http://po.st/RMTVLadbrokes

This Liverpool fan thought the scoreline didn’t reflect the game and we should have won by more!

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Cai Fôn Davies says:

Boom! Absolutely delighted with the win, and what a crucial win that might be! Although we didn't play particularly at our free-flowing best, we got the job done – very different to past Liverpool teams. We ploughed on and kept going at that resolute West Bromwich Albion, and how ironic was it to score from a set-piece?! I thought that Firmino and Coutinho again were the difference again, but my MOTM has to go yet again this gameweek to Simon Mignolet – saved us again this week with a top class result defining save! Although the match was a typical West Brom slog but frantic and quite bizarre end to the match, of which I was very nervous, we came through again with all three points! I believe it is important to emphasise that all top class teams get three points when firstly, it's asked upon them to deliver, and secondly, when they aren't performing at their best. At this end of the season, all that matters is getting three points every week on the board, not necessarily the performance! It is now entirely up to us to keep focused on getting results each week to solidify our place in the top 4!
C'mon Liverpool! Let's take the next step towards a place in the top 4 this season and securing Champions League football next season with another three points next time out when we face Crystal Palace next Sunday back at Anfield in the league! C'mon Redmen! #WeGoAgain #DoubtersToBelievers #WeAreLiverpool #YNWA #⚽️🔴❤️

Aaron T says:

LFC is a global family

Jack Hughes says:

Interview scousers not foreigners it's embarrassin watchin this makes us look plastic

Ollie Watson says:

Lads it might not look it but from that far out it's hard to score even without a keeper if you've got to bend it back in from the far post Moreno just hit it

The Redarmy says:

What can Alberto Morero do anyone know??? If he can't play Lb or score a open Goal what can he do?

Tim v1.0 says:

Super proud of the club the past couple weeks. #Grinding

Liverpool vs Everybody says:

Should've been more..glad firmino got the goal though! We've got to capitalize on our opportunities

Johnny Barnsinho says:

Moreno is a fuckin' dolt!

MFH96 says:

I was sitting with the Albion fans. And had to support West Brom throughout. But I got up until morenos miss

Ben Mitchell says:

I try my hardest to defend Moreno cause I think he's got potential to be an good squad player , but fuck me what was he doing.

CaMm says:

come on liverpool

All Liverpool says:

Moreno is a fucking idiot but still a great win

Speedy Gonzalez says:

Harry Kewell's long lost nephew?

Carl Johnson says:

Chelsea please win against mancs

TomLFC 98 says:

Incester Yawnited somehow winning against Chelsea

Robert Collins says:

Get in! 💪

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