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i went to West Brom to watch Liverpool win 0-1, featuring forgotten tickets, Firmino headed goals, Moreno open goal misses, and crossbar hitting chickens…

More me here….


Christian DeMarco says:

The bit with the chicken man hitting the crossbar! 😂👏

Keepah says:

This looked a bit choppy

soccerbeast10 says:

I was so happy I thought this was the moment Moreno was going to redeem himself but oh well now he can be shite with a new club next season

adam mckevitt says:

finally going to away games

Louis Thompson says:

Up the reds 😂👍

BradReidford says:

Died laughing when Skrillex came on and you nearly had an heart attack 😂

Conor Coleman says:

I was shitting it today about losing but we played well and defended good ynwa

War King says:

Loved it! Can't imagine they'll be nearly as cheery if we lose tho haha

seanieshoebox says:

Fuck sake Moreno you Spanish piece of shit

Konrad Ostrowski says:

great video again Paul. Will you be travelling to the Watford game in a couple weeks time?

Aqeel says:

Boss videos these Paul la keep it up mate 🖒

Craneyx 8 says:

I bet you two went to Maccies or Greggs afterwards xD

Christo vimal says:

maych TV is gaining steam

amypom123 says:

2:36 Excellent timing haha

David Fray says:

Love these match day videos! :D. No show them the way to go home song at the end today?

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