WE ARE EVERTONIANS (Everton Season Ticket Advert)

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Kaiky _ CLASH ROYALE says:

Everton 💜

Talib Anas says:

I love everton

Albert Mont says:

Respect from an Arsenal fan

TheAlfadog81 says:

I wish i was in a event like this and watch Everton. But i live in tromso.

Elliot Pye says:

How ironic that your slogan is 'we go the game' yet you have to make shitty adverts to flog season tickets

Malik says:

Im never getting tired of watching this video

gooner775 says:

goodison park got to be one of the sexiest stadiums in the world.

Finley Lloyd says:

Why are livershite fans on an everton page I wouldnt dream of goin on a liverpool page #KOPITESRGOBSHITES

choclatesaltyballz says:

Nearly 20 years with fuck all

Quite painful

logan sullivan says:

So many bum hurt liverpool fans… Go and fuck yourselves

dre williams says:

At a fiver a ticket no reason you can't go the game for this shitty mid tables club

TheLFCzone says:

Joke of a club, seen the Welsh hills in the background haha

schandru1979 says:

The rise of Everton!!!! March on with Bobby's Army!!!

John Maguire says:

Everyone involved in this should be massively proud. It's a genuinely brilliant promotional video. Really captures the match day feel. Well done EFC

Alexandros Prasiadis says:

C.O.Y.B. , respect fron P.A.O.K. – F.C.

Jack Edwards says:

Yeah I get goose bumps every time especially when z cars is starting

adam smith says:

proud to be an everton fan 

rebelhands says:

Great video!

Marc O'Neill says:

Brilliant!! Love it

Holly Old says:

I love thos gives me goose bumbs xx

ForEverton12 says:

Vids like this make my wanna move from the States to Merseyside, nonetheless, proud to be a blue! COYB!!!

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