Watford vs Swansea | Premier League Match Predictions | Sat 15th April

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Sportsbook Review’s Natalie Rydstrom, betting pundit Nigel Seeley and Gordon Flash Watson break down the Week 33 Premier League match Watford vs Swansea playing on Saturday 15th April 2017 and highlights the best betting odds and football match tips that are worth the bet and pack value!

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Automated Video Transcription:

watford vs swansea watford 2.4 Swansea 3.1
and the draw 3.3 both not really looking
too good at the moment I’ve obviously
got Swansea relegation candidates must
win for them they are at watford flash
what’s your tip for this match I’m going
to go for a little bit of a mini-golf s
there I think the boat of Swansea last
week against West Ham did not have one
shot on goal I think they’ll go
completely the opposite direction this
week so I’ve gone for over 2.5 goals
Watford of they’ve led a charmed life
recently where teams about very very
good chances against them and not put
the ball in the back of the net so I can
see this being a 2-1 I can see
definitely over two and a half goals
anyway so for me I think it’s quite safe
yep if you have to take a lien on the
outright you leaning either away or is
this sir could this go either way now
see if I if I lean on an outright I know
me and press that button but i think
that there’s also score draws in there
there’s an away win in there and there’s
a home win in there I definitely see
goals hey seeing goals what about you
flat Nigel well I mean the history book
suggests no goals I mean nine of the
last 10 matches between these two sides
have seen under two and a half goals the
game earlier season was a menial draw
last season both home teams won one meal
so it’s a it’s one against down against
the stats really on this game I think
it’s a very very hard ones of course
once you’re hauling away Watford have
got very little motivation I thought
they were very poor against Tottenham
the managers consistently linked with
losing his job and again this is my
second game this week but I’m not gonna
have a bet on it I think it’s very very
very hard to call I think Swansea would
take a win whatever way they offered it
was one nil whatever it doesn’t make any
difference for them and I just think
it’s a very very hot bun school Swansea


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