WATCH AGAIN: Final Five Minutes Of Watford’s 2-0 Brighton Win

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Hornets Player commentators Jon Marks and Rene Gilmartin describe the nerve-jangling last few minutes of the 2-0 win at Brighton that was to earn the Hornets’ spot in the Premier League.

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Callum Brown says:

We are premier league say we are premier league!!!!!!!! Come on you orns

JSAVlogs says:

Best day of my life as a Watford fan

xUKLeG3nDz says:

Best away day ever

progtagamer69 says:


Michal Carda says:

a na vydru ste se pekne…ze vam neni hanba nejdriv ho nepustit na reprezen.zapas a potom ho nestavet do zakladu ?? ubohost od watfordu!!! vsak on reading dostane do premier league a pak uvidite o koho jste prisly 😀

Jaheim O says:

united fan here but congrats to watford for promotion!

Goal Hangers says:

At 0.55 seconds, watch Vydra sprint back after Forestieri loses the ball.
Fantastic attitude.
Now that is desire, right there.
Love it.

the dark night warrior 105 says:

Come on you horns premilegue I been a Watford fan for 9years and I'm nine

Taylor Reed says:

Tralalalala! Watford fc!

Joyce Schluter says:

congrats from Rotterdam

dan smith says:

Congrats..Watford..from a Man Utd  fan….well done….!

Martin Baxter says:

No way I could have watched this live without ruining my jeans…

Vlad Impaler says:

Wow just wow I was there and when that second goal went in it was pandemonium

Miloš Miljuš says:

Congratulations!! Jokanović <3

greenFOD1 says:

at the start of the season, I told my dad "we're going to need at least five away games for tickets to see us up at Brighton". I didn't think it would definitely happen after the mid-season wobble. So glad we were there.


Freddy Caballero says:

Felicidades Paredes!! Felicidades Watford!! Desde Ecuador apoyándolos!!

стока нускнвп says:

Mister Jokanovic!!! 🙂

TheAlbinoskunk says:

Why was Vydra in so much space though? what a disaster for Brighton
Don't get me wrong, I'm happy he was, but that is a gift of a goal

wfc4eva12 says:

Why do they do this too all of us 😂😂

urkenz1 prikan says:


ThisIsMaster says:

Thats awesome!!
I was hoping for more play time for Lewis McGugan thoug… ^^

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