TUNNEL CAM | Middlesbrough v Liverpool

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MALVO says:

fucking door

RJOC says:

100% have a sign saying say hi lol look down then HI!

Gama Setiawan says:

hai liverpool fan here

Giga Penaka says:

Fix that shitty door please

denise harrison says:

Not a great tunnel cam, Liverpool and Man city are far the best

Craig Miller says:

Henderson thinks he's hard


what was origi & lallana doing your?


was lucas looking for a fight

Owain Williams. says:

Shitest tunnel cam ive seen

Sweetmore says:

Lucas is just waiting for a mate.

Moejii - says:

Nice squeaky door m'borough

Damotelli says:

Was lucas saying Alberto or Roberto?

Terry Fisher says:

Need to get some oil on that door it was doin my head in! UTB

Gaston ramirez says:

basteds beat it lol

Jono Clark says:

Some say Lucas is still waiting outside the dressing room…. 😉

Markus frank says:

Thanks for uploading this 🙂

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