Tottenham Hotspur’s Dele Alli | Taxi To Training

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England and Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli jumps in the car with Lloyd Griffith for an eventful ride to work along with a game of Paddlefoot.

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Odell Beckham jr says:

That's Waltham Cross ( I used to live near there!! )

Isaac Pye says:

what a shit presenter

Harry Donnelly says:

They drove away from the training ground

DragoonGalaxy says:

awkward he kept brining up the 'just' Dele thing

Hazel Taz says:

deli seemed like he did dgaf

ganraj kelkar says:

dele alli without eric dier?

Noah Dougherty says:

Should have put a Forest Green badge instead of Grimsby.

Jordy Diaz says:

Is this porn

pokerhorse says:

alli young player of the year plus senior award…and im a city supporter..

The Obnoxious Otter says:


Spaccadoo Toohoo says:

This is awkward. Dele thinks he is a tosser but can't say it.

Roymund says:

This isn't the fake taxi I was expecting

Courtney Lashley says:

I used to play for tottenham

** read my profile description please says:

From being Jack black in Hollywood to being a taxi driver in London.

Matt Fiau says:

this isn't fake taxi?

J Higgins says:

Fake Taxi….

Tom R says:

Shite this. Talk about something interesting instead of chatting pure bollocks.

ADAMX says:

One of the best are u taking piss

Tomini Bajela says:

Woahh, never knew Dele had a tattoo. On his right arm 9:07

Dele Alli says:

Thanks for having me Lloyd! 🙂

Khalid Sidow says:

"Just Dele"

Y GXBE Y says:

Does he actually live in a caravan

Zach demetriou says:

Chesnarm baby

Kor 92 Yu says:

damn i though this was one of those fake taxi pornos lol

Gsdizzle91 says:

4 mins in and it's fucking shit.

Pelé the Hedgehog says:

I think we all know where they got this "original Taxi idea" from 😉

Mimi C. says:

6:40 he knows he wanted to say Eric dier

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