Tottenham Hotspur vs AFC Bournemouth 4-0 Full Post Match Analysis 15/4/2017

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Tottenham Hotspur vs AFC Bournemouth 4-0 Full Post Match Analysis 15/4/2017


elwrongo says:

sideways analysis, groundbreaking!

Blassing Benita says:

spurs can never beat United and arsenal so keep shot retard clowns,Chelsea is your champion the earlier you accept the better for you

Dannon Dale says:

Thierry Henry talking about how good Tottenham currently is…what in the fuck man…

AFCforlife Santi says:

For me, as much as I hate to say it, what this manager did with Tottenham is already an equivalent of a trophy!

Seyi Oyetade says:

It's cute that u tink spurs will win the league rather than Chelsea

David Logan says:

The only real weakness, or rather, room for improvement I can see in Spurs' team is midfield. I know this is really harsh on them because their midfield is top notch and they have more energy than most midfields, but if Spurs are going to go to the next level and do some proper damage on the European scene, then I feel like they could do with a really world class playmaker. Imagine Modric back in that team?!

David Logan says:

I'm a Utd fan, but this Spurs team is a machine. I still think we can end their unbeaten run (Mourinho is a master in this regard), but I think Spurs can win the league. Let's see if Utd can beat Chelsea tomorrow, and Chelsea might find themselves under serious pressure at the stage of the season where pressure most tells. An FA Cup semi-final win over Chelsea might really crank up that pressure, too.

Mark Gable says:

These reporters ask dumbass questions….???

Clifford Agyekum says:

OK this is scary.
spurs are actually scaring me.
imagine what they will do next year.

SepiDogg says:

Hope we can slow down Chelsea tomorow, I would rather want Spurs to win!

StoneTitan says:

THanks for sharing.
But man those youtube subs… take a sample of what Pochachino says at 12:32
man did those words get twisted wrongly in the subs.(but hey some comedy)

Even better is "Hurricane the Chicken"

scott richards says:

love seeing Chelsea fans comment on Tottenham vids shows they are worried

DewDewPlays says:

I think most neutrals would like to see Tottenham win the title rather than Chelsea again

Kehinde Babalola says:

If spurs win the league it's safe to say that they are the best side in the league. If chelsea bottle it. It's all good things happen. They might not win everything but at least they are giving it their best shot

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