Top 10 – Goals Borussia Mönchengladbach – 2015/16

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The Foals of Borussia Mönchengladbach had an incredible season in 2015/16. After a terrible start they rallied to earn themselves a place in Europe. Along the way they scored a lot of great goals. Enjoy 10 of the best again!

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apridho tari nafid edo says:

Mahmoud Dahoud is top Goals 👍😂

ItsLukasTv says:

Nur die gladbacher💚

Benson Zangwill says:

How about Bundesliga 16/17 season trailer? I mean the new season is about to start, right?

AgressiveBlack says:

<3 Borussia MG <3

Yair Ramirez says:

Well deserved #1 goal 👏🏼

Footballfan 10987 says:

Yes gladbach

VeNoX says:

As a Dutch guy ive been to Borussia Monchengladbach a lot! Love the everything about the club!

Luke The fish says:

Are you guys BMG fans like all the goals from their team come on it's unfair dude come on stop favouriting them

Rolls Reus says:

Gladbach really are a quality side I wonder how they'll react to losing 2 extremely influential CMs

Facundo Solari says:

Top 10 Bayer Leverkusen Goals

Dell Conagher says:

I can't help to feel slightly confused, Stindl's goal which made the number 7 spot, is in the top 10 goals from last season. So, how did Stindl make it into the top 10 if it wasn't even the best BMG goal?

Kaustav Ghosh says:

Hahn's 2 vs Leverkusen and the one vs Bayern were all pretty good.
Raffael's goal vs Franjfurt's real beauty couldnt be understood by these camer angles

Frank Kebernik says:

werder Bremen top 10

24SparrowJack says:

Fabian Johnson is well underrated

Mitchell McMullen says:

Why wasnt nordveit's (sorry for spelling) scissor kick from I think 30 yards out in here 🙁 🙁

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