Top 10 Goals – 1. FC Köln

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Promoted side 1. FC Köln, the first ever Bundesliga champions in 1964, are a German club steeped in tradition. We show you the top 10 Bundesliga goals in Köln’s history.

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deivid jhones says:

É o time do meu cunhado, um dia irei ver um jogo no estádio!

Cole T says:

For #1 did he just say "Dam right"???

Syouma Nakagawa says:

1.FC Koln is the best soccer team

EPMJ says:

no3 should be 1 and 1 should be 3

Terminator .Tanish. says:

How about you do a best and worst Penalties of all time? 😀 

Cheris Sarjoe says:

Brilliant header from Yasuhiko.

Lewi T says:

but now he played like i don't give a shit, 😛

Sven Mattheis says:

What about Rainer bonhof?

idumijun says:


johannesdif says:

3:40 happends all the time in fifa 15

i ansari says:

Best legends in bundisliga

mariannaaa says:

το πιο ωραιο γκολ ηταν το νουμερο 3 του λουκας ποντολσκι

Jesse Sommeling says:

Is Timo Horn good?

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