“Time to step up!” Samis Review | Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea FC

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cows kickass says:

The team needs to look at themselves and has to realize that if they lose this league and cup, to Spurs, not only have the personally let themselves down, but in fact the fans down, and I swear that is the most cruel thing u can do to a fan is have them suffer a comeback like this against them. Fans especially Chelsea fans who lived with shit from last year, do not deserve their team to see such a horrible step up, and it's the players who have to fix their problems and so does the coach. First of all Costa is a waste, he scores 0 with a lot of help, he loses the ball constantly, he never goes a good pass, he slows down the game, he does fuck all and quite frankly makes us worse too. We need to drop him and can not let him play again till he realizes that playing like shit is gonna rip the club, and regardless of China or whatever, the minimum he can do is step up for just one final month, to atleast bring us fans some pride back. Buts it's hopeless with conte cause conte wouldn't dare to drop Costa. We have no real replacement who is fit(bats hardly plays so wouldn't be sharp) to replace Costa as striker. How the hell is willian hazard and Pedro gonna play against a Spurs defense who literally don't concede a shot. It's so unfortunate what has happened. Kante needs to step up, Matic needs to step up as he has been horrible, hazard and every single Chelsea player needs to reaLize that this means everything to the fans so even if ur heart isn't with Chelsea, just give it your all and 100%. If we can fix all our team issues, then we can beat Spurs. But something gotta happen!! We gotta change, we gotta fix our internal issues, turn this team around and finish of this season with pride, passion, and victory!

ArtSurroundsYouAll says:

At the start of the year on various fan channels including Chelsea fan channels i said that Chelsea will slip up they have some bad results in them and Conte will be found out or the players will bottle it. I was told by countless Chelsea fans that 'I'm talking out of my arse', that I'm 'deluded', I was told to fuck off I'm talking utter shit'. So before the Crystal Palace match i said Palace will beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge as they have looked dodgy last few weeks. Again I was pretty much told basically the same as before. I then said after the game Chelsea will lose more matches and I said then Man Utd will beat them. You can guess what Chelsea fans said to me then, even though I'm not a Man Utd fan. So run forward to today just wondered where are the Chelsea fans now am I still deluded, talking out of my arse etc….Spurs only 4 points behind..I said it before Chelsea will not win the league if Spurs keep winning. 6 games to go. Chelsea still have some more bad results in them, they've been found out. Sorry Chelsea fans but you are throwing it away.

Superior No1 says:

Natalie 😍

Jack Pac says:

Utd fans talking shit lol

The one. says:

I don't mind losing to United but we had no Response to them they are not even that good .
We gave Spurs hope again .

Amir jolo tv says:

Costa need to step up against Southampton

Alex Iwobinho says:

You have to win the league, imagine if spurs win it

Aritra dey says:

nothing better than watching this shitty club loosing…. GGMU

Hi Hi says:

fellaini > kante 😂😂😂😂😂 chelshit

dinigobale says:

i am not mad because we lost, but i am focking mad by the way lost. we were outplayed, outclassed, outsmarted! what a shampolic performance was that. mourinho just did to us what he has done to opponent when he was with us. SUPRISE THEM when you are the underdog. a good ex, liverpool vs chelsea 2014

Malolan Balaji says:

Please sell Costa this summer. Looks really disinterested.

Hamza CFC says:

Costa to be dropped fuck the rest. It's like playing with 10 men every time he starts. Hazard false 9 and Cesc in for Matic. Time to step up when it matters, big month ahead.

Martin Yeboah says:

Drop Costa and Cahill.

Suraj's Opinion is Better says:

Costa needs to step out of this club better yet.

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