Thierry Henry ● 11 Minutes of JUST Skills & Tricks ● Arsenal FC

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11 minutes of the best skills and tricks of the french legend Thierry Henry during his career in Arsenal

Special thanks to: souster98

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HeilRJ Football Channel says:

Every move is like a magic spell!
So skillful, a joy to watch!

Davud Modarres says:

Thank you for making this video!
Magical moves

BUZZTROLL Inc. says:

OMG … you just took me back in time.

Henry . . 😍😍😍😍

Zhi Huang says:

Henry is my all time favorite player. In this video, I feel strongly that Ronaldinho, Messi, CR7 and Zidane has done the same stuff. But they make these difficult skills look easy, while, at least to me, Henry makes these difficult skills as if they were easy themselves. But all these players are unique. They have special 'flavor' when they are balling.

Magdo says:

Rivaldo & Henry 💜

Nesta Marley says:

Sou fã do cara! #14#KING

Djenk says:

@2:01 what a beauty

الميرزا ابو ايليا says:

Hazard vs Henry

Stephen McGill says:

Do a video on Jay Jay Okacha

Guillaume Micheau says:

Thank you so much for this amazing video which show a less famous part of his skills

Prakhar Gupta says:

There is only one way a team could have an Invincible season. Thierry Henry's class.

Umar Ismamutov says:

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are luckily not playing in that period otherwise just imagine how competition could have been. Everybody says Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the best ever but in fact they say because they are playing now

villy chow says:

tall,fast, strong, skillful, nice passer, perfect shooting…what a player!

Abdulrahman Saif says:

smart and speed

NAs89 says:

Best Premier League player ever, from a Chelsea Fan

Shyam Gurung says:

Hahahaaaaa tune was so great energizes with emotion

Wendel felixRj says:

He runs like aubameyang wow so similar..

Don Manuel says:

"Modern day striker" shoots from an insane angle while he had better passing options. Commentator says "well as a striker, probably that's his right".


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