Swansea City Video: Swans goals – South Wales derbies.

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. . . comment below on some of your favourite Swans goals from the last few South Wales derbies.


Mia Griffiths says:

5:20 bang out of order cardiff stweards shoving them away

SJfootball16 says:

Scotland was offside before he passed to Pratley

ben rider says:

Even though we're in the premier league now these are the real memories, back when it was all new, the beginning of the new Swansea.

Richard Copp says:

one of the best videos on youtube ever

Shanie53911 Gaming says:

pratley volley swa 3-2 car

Jon Davies says:


paupau says:

Kyle which city?

Khyle J. Lewis says:


rhys brannan says:

That passing in the first pratley goal though

Rhys Saunders says:

COME ON SWANSEA b there supporting u 3-0

Jordzi jack says:

Dat Emnes goal<3

Euan Hayton says:

Come on you swans! Got relatives in wales who support them so come on Swansea city!

Rhys Davies says:

Its gonna be an epic game on Sunday!

Ben Hughes says:

cant wait for sunday! Got my tickets, get ready Cardiff!

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