Stoke City Goal of the Season 2015/16

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Beky Komala says:

Goo stoke city .

LongShotJake says:

Walters vs (my team) Chelsea was the best

onlyweatherlol93 says:

X gonna give to ya!

Jack Lawton says:

strong stoke city fan here

Carbon Water says:


LJJbro HD says:

Bojan vs Leicester I was there watching as a STOKE FAN but I vote for shaqiri vs Everton

Laura Fuerst says:

Shaquiri is the best

shay bell 1863 says:

I was Ascot and I held joselu hand

roadtoglory says:

Shaqiiiiriii we love youu

Dylan Wilkinson says:

butland is back!

BensCarnage says:

I just started a new youtube channel come and checkout my awesome new series fifa 16 stoke city career mode

The Jckh says:

Your all shit man city is way better than stupid Stoke

Gamebosser 22 says:

Stone score good goals like if agree

Gamebosser 22 says:

Walters vs Doncaster or Shaquri vs Everton

Dardanian says:

hihihi arnautovic? meaning Albanian-ovic, in turkish Arnaut = Albanian + slavic ending vic
/ Shaqiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii goooo goooooooooo

Patrick Monkman says:

Can't wait to see arnie in the euros

#stoke fan says:

super Jon v stuton

#stoke fan says:

I love Stoke , try and get a top 5 finish next season when the big money comes in

kodyfootball298 says:

Shaqiri vs Everton

Bluezen says:

I think its shaqiris goal

Liam Proudman says:

Walters vs Chelsea


1. Shaqiri vs Everton
2 . Joselu vs Watford
3 . Walters vs Chelsea

Damien Wilson says:

dmx song there

Liam Grocott says:

Shaqiri v Newcastle

Lee Banks says:

Some amazing goals for me Shaqiri is the best 🙂 vs Everton but a close second Joselu and third Bojan

eth 1ed says:

arnie vs man utd

Stoke City FC says:

Don't forget that the video is only a selection of goals from the season, supporters can vote for any goal they like using the 'other' box on the voting form at

B1G says:

Shaqiri v Everton but my favourite goal was imbula against Bournemouth I can't believe it is not on that

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