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I spent a week on the beautiful beaches of South Spain but also did a few trips in the area. Enjoy the beauty of Gibraltar, Tarifa and Sevilla!

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Shadow Ranger says:

barcelona smells like piss

LouMu says:

Hahahah! Don't underestimate my cock!

LouMu says:

Which one is your girlfriend doc? Or are they all 😉

LouMu says:

Gorgeous video! So jealous

LouMu says:

Doc, not only are you a bad ass minecrafter, a genius, and an upstanding fine gentlemen but now I see you're a ladies man too!

Steve Carlson says:

Looks fun! Seems like you need to turn up your render distance, all that fog we can't see the other continent. Trololol, have a great rest of your trip, can't wait for stories and more vids when you get back!

Mr. Ovoi says:

Too much hot here in Spain, uh?

Tariq Hidan says:

الله لا يخلف عليك رايح اسبانيا عشان تشوف ربحان تعال عندنا ناخذها بالحويد كل صبح

cavity1010 says:

5:29 that crazy render distance

Alex San says:

you should visit the Basque Country

Harry Gonzalez says:

Gibraltar is British NOT SPANISH YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT The flag of the U.K. Is all over the rock there is no Spanish Flag in GibraltarYou better change that you wanker

Roberto García says:

Gracias Doc

XiaoYuanHao says:

"You can observe ma cock in the nature" xD

Gargleblast says:

Thank you for sharing your journey! It seems amazing! =D

scruff says:

I'd go on vacation too if it was with those 3 beauties. Lucky guy

StuffZ says:

Arriving at Watchpoint Gibraltar…

Ernesto Z. Ardila says:

Come to Barcelona! I'll show you around!!

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