Son Heung Min – All 19 Goals For Tottenham Hotspur 2015-2017

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홍동욱 says:

손흥민 도르트 킬러다

DarkSendo94 says:

hope he wins a trophy or title with spurs
the dude is on fire right now

Dfdsfdsfds Dfsfds says:

very good!!

핌양키 says:

kane:Yo necesito tiempo son: Si, yo s'e

Daniel Cho says:

He already scored 5 more goals since then

Zahir Miah says:

Amazing all rounder player congrats Son Heung Min

panquake says:

He's such a class player though.

Romain Roch says:

Goal n.4 … TAKE A BOW SON

김성맨 says:

son is really good player

Seungcheol Yang says:

Hey,,,,, He will score more and more goals for 2017!


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in soccer says:

손흥민 최고
Son Heung Min good

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