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You guys requested for more stadium climbs so here it is! I snuck into Crystal Palace’s football stadium (Selhurst Park), getting some dope footage from the roof area.

TWITTER: @RealCassOnline
SNAPCHAT: Cassonline

Allah – Jordans (whereisalex remix)


Louis Maxwell says:

sort the audio out

milo Austin says:

Your in hot water now.

Dynamic says:

U should try climb the O2 at night. Views would be amazing

Football Vlogs 1881 says:

Good video!


Check out me doing this . Subscribe to me for more Stadium sneak ins .

Maximum Vtec says:

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Abin Bintang says:

do stoke city!!!

Mercenary says:

sick adventure man . haha the music is perfect for the video bro. awesome editing skills.

skills pronto says:

Not really sneaking in to be fair, legit such a horrible ground in all genuinely I prefer fratton park

Shanedana McCutcheon says:

Stupid thing to do as it dangerous could of fell of the roof.

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