Sead Kolasinac – WELCOME to Arsenal FC

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Kamrul08 says:

Potentially a good signing….. BUT….. sell Monreal and keep Gibbs as understudy/cover……. don't sell Gibbs for this guy

Jamie Mirow says:

Has this sining been confirmed?

B B says:

tackel very power

Kolk56 says:

He's strong, fast and can pass precisely. And also he's got a passion and will of fight – something Arsenal lacks of. I think he will fit in PL. Good luck, Sead.

Dele Alli says:

Where the fuck are you in the league where the fuck where the fuck where the fuck you in the league

Dele Alli says:

You'll always be shit arsenal football club you'll always be shit

Arsenal FA Cup Winners 2016/17 says:

Why the fuck are you showing him score the same goal 3 fucking times?

dimas ikhsan says:

bruh I just hope he doesn't get red card when he attempts a tackle.

Balti Youssef says:

This guy is at least able to stop Robben !!! Good signing !!

Anutej Dey says:

Has he signed for us?? where does he play?

AshyBashy86 says:

That tackle on Pulisic gets him sent off in the PL. Other than that, I like his aggressive, no nonsense style.

JulianIsNorwegian says:

Love ur vids, exited for new signing❤️

CFCVideos says:

6 repetitions for one header vs Germany's worst team in a 3 minute video…

enis mlivic says:

So happy for Sead. Good luck bro #COYG

Mehul Jain says:

will play shit under Wenger for sure

RonPaulSwede says:

What is this, another player? Wenger needs to go first.

qased zxswd says:

also we should definetly buy van dijik ,,,kostafi is not working…we have conseeded so many goals this season .

qased zxswd says:

Arsenal seriously need to get rid of ox and wellcott …even man united reject zaha is better than them. problem with wenger is that he get attached to players no matter how much they suck,,,,unless we bring 5 or more players in the summer to replace the trash we got.. i dont see us ever being on top 4 again ..we need a huge change ,,

qased zxswd says:

so we got a gem of a player for free now we should buy naby keita to play with xhaka in midfeild and maybe dolberg and lacazette and the monaco wingers to replace ozil sanchez and wellcott/ox

Prajwal Navada says:

Is this deal confirmed?

Tuan Khac says:

rip Gibbs ! 😁

Kevin Coxe says:

This guy can defend but I dont see him putting in any quality crosses in the box. Given Giroud is likely to be our striker next season, (wenger will not buy a new 1) surely you should break the bank for full backs that can cross.

If I was manager I would sell Bellerin and buy both Monaco full backs.if in doubt watch the ball they put in the man city games and ligue 1.

Khus Khus says:

are we signing him???

Yonald Weasley says:

Premier League refs will have a field day with his style but Welcome Kolasinic!

sukkhawut leekranchai says:

he is better than Gibb and monreal.Very good deal

Mati Maree says:

Ok Alexis, leave please 🙏🏼

KXNG Junior says:

Ricardo Rodriguez would be better

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