Roberto Firmino – All 21 Goals and 19 Assists for Liverpool FC – English Commentary – 2015-2017

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All Bobbys goals and assists for LFC.

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RLFComps says:

Just trying to get a consistent upload schedule going. Hope you guys enjoy it. Top player, but I feel he still needs to step up a little. Any ideas for my next video? Any thoughts would be awesome!

The Football Stars says:

Great Work Man

I am very impressed with this video and the wonderful touches that I put in,

Do you mind using this video in my content without modifying it if you do not mind it?
And again a wonderful video

Beerus says:

Better than Coutinho

Sam Spencer says:

Well obviously #11 is sturridges assist, not Firmino's though he did do all the work in that one

Ako Gambler says:

Lallana+Firmino+Coutinho = LFC = #AttackingMidfielderForward Trio
Mane = Monster #Winger

Harish Joshi says:

involved in 40 goals in 2 seasons is pretty insane

Per Trygve Stevik Johnsen says:

Booby's my favorite Liverpool player. Let's hope he really shows himself in the last matches of the league race, with players like Mané and Lallana on the injury list. His stunning goal against Stoke may be very important, both for the team and for his own confidence.

Abbie Davidson says:

Firmino is my favourite player

Janice Mahoney says:

Hey could you do a torres all liverpool goals g

mike shaw says:

my favourite player

lemontea000 says:

Wow! he's played 81 games so far and involved in 40 goals!

ThompsonThe1988 says:

Don't know if this has been said but he also scored in the Swansea game a header from a free kick.

ArturFootball ᴴᴰ says:

Really good video keep going so you subscribed to me can you also subscribe me back?

Brandon says:

Isn't that Sturridge's assist at 4:34



Kemal Fajar says:

The next big thing liverpool have. I can see him to play for real madrid or barcelona or bayern munich in the coming years. But hope thats not happend. Even if so, liverpool actually is a team that never ends creating stars. Torres left theres suarez. Suarez left theres sterling. Sterling left theres coutinho. Coutinho left so…firmino?? Lol just kidding. YNWA

Faynts XV says:

I hope we embarrass Everton this weekend coming up.

Krisplays67 says:

WE clearly see that the high pressure works

Sighdo says:

Hahaha I love how his natural instinct is to take his shirt off but then he always quickly remembers he'll get booked for it

Singi GT says:

What's nine + ten ? 21. YOU stupid.

Noah Miller says:

Great video I like how you have what season the goals were in firming is so good

I'am TheBest says:

may I know what is the software that you use to create such wonderful intro? is it the Adobe After Effects?

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