Relive AFC Bournemouth’s historic first season in the Barclays Premier League

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It was a memorable debut campaign in the top flight for AFC Bournemouth. Relive the emotion from all the magical moments in our special montage…


Fc Bournemouth Fan says:

the best club in priemier leage

RickyGrim9896 says:

Proud of how far my team has come 🙂 Never forgot my first ever cherries game in 1999 as a 3 year old with my dad and grandad

Michael Thomas says:

From being almost relegated from existence to being a mid table premier league team within 10 years…

CrossKnife Gaming says:

This is my favourite video in the history of YouTube

Daniel Storey says:

leeds united fan . u have got be one of my fav prem teams . eddie how true Icon !

The Awesome Channel 2.0 says:

As a Man City I'm gonna always cheer Bournemouth unless they are up against City and I hope you Guys stay up Again.

Yaya Sanogo says:

Hope you guys stay up!

Kyle Leatherbarrow says:

I miss Ritchie 😭

Brian Lee says:

Team play and team spirit shown by Bournemouth are really awesome !
This team taught me a lesson "not to give up"

D Dog says:

Respect from Brazil

Philip Sardar says:

No on evan ever hate them

mamchi says:

I am from Istanbul. I studied at Bournemouth University and lived there for 2,5 years. The stadium was literally 2 blocks away from our student house and I used to go to their games at League 1&2. Cherries has a big place in my heart and Very glad to see them at Premiere League.

I am Bournemouth till I die!

SSSniper Beastz says:

Massive Bournemouth fan glad they are in the premier league for another season they a good team from being in league one to premier league is a massive achievement hope they keep bringing top talent the one what got me was When arter was crying cos he lost his daughter

David Sanden says:

Anyone know the song?

Adam Smith says:

seeing the clips of callum scoring literally breaks my heart – he was destined for the very top 🙁

Ryan Marten says:

Anyone else get goosebumps?

Twang says:

this video got me feeling some type of way :' )
Greeting From America!

Swanky Wags says:

Brilliant montage and brilliant music choice…

Chris Bragen says:

I thought the montage and the music were great

Ben Bryan says:

Respect Bournemouth from a qpr fan. I love Bournemouth they are team close to my heart and I will always cheer for them (except against QPR) well done guys

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