Real Madrid vs. Juventus | Condensed Game | 2016-17 UEFA Champions League Final Highlights

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Watch all the best action from the Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Juventus in this condensed game highlight.

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WorldCup Master says:

Juventus=Argentina, victories in finals overshadowed by the losses and great players without that one trophy in their careers

Abhiram Natarajan says:

Is there a video with commentary in English?

Deniz Patwa says:

2 of madrdi goals were deflection

Cristiano Ronaldo says:

I hate that Juventus knocked out Barca and Barca fans are cheering for Juventus and not the team that's from the same country where Barcelona is from (Real Madrid).

sophie krzysiak says:

Juventus definitely deserved the win

Emil Hernandez says:

the real madrid is the best of the world

SpoonyYeon says:

Upload the full match

Brody Crook says:

Where can you buy the hoodies they were wearing?????

Mario Marquez says:

11:34 my fifth ballon d'Or yeahhhhhh

lucia mono says:

People giving Ramos shyt for "faking an injury" when in reality Cuadrado lost his shyt and stepped on Ramos on purpose…

Luis Carrillo says:

Ronaldo is the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD and whoever doubts it is just a fucken hater omm

Yan Zhu says:

real madrid is the best team in the world THE WORLD IS REAL

Jonathan Luna says:

$500 bucks easy bet.

W2s Rr says:

every one wanted juventus to win

1-800 -PAPAJOHNS says:

Lost like 10grand on these match

marckendy Noelandstar says:

my favorite team Real Madrid champion

Juanito Alcachofas says:

What did he say was the significance of the purple kit ?

Alex Reina says:

People act like the red card changed the momentum of the game as if it wasn't already 3-1 at that point. Ramos was in fact over dramatic but Cuadrado also shouldn't have stomped on him

UnstoppableGaming 123 says:

Let's go!!!!!Real Madrid won!!!!!!!!!!

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