RB Leipzig vs. Hamburger SV | 2016-17 Bundesliga Highlights

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Full Matchday 20 highlights between RB Leipzig and Hamburger SV.

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Alvian Delvis says:

krabby patty fc?

Balneário Arroio do Silva says:

wallace do gremio

Wando Pereira Da Conceição says:

Hamburgo campeão da liga dos campeões… respeita a camisa 😀😀😀😀

Tom Hänel says:

The last time HSV won like this on the road, there was still a wall dividing berlin

Paiwho says:

Walace monstrão

Grêmio Mil Grau says:

dies spielt sehr Walace

William Brizolla says:

Sucesso, Walace!

szewei85 says:

beginning of the end 2 the fairytale story hahahaha

Leo T says:

Que raro un defensa central con el 9

Podyschweiny says:

Ha hah! Take that! Papa taught his children ^_^ Massive Thanks to Hamburg that brought the most HATED RB Leipzig down to earth. I can't be happier than this.

TheOfficialSesh says:

Hamburg will never be relegated!

R0b Anthony says:

fck red bull

สุทธนา มิตรมุสิก says:

best league on fox sport

Sherlock Sison says:

what does the banner mean?

Max Kila says:

dem empty seats tho

LDK447 says:

Did Red Bell pay fox soccer not to put commentary on this one or what

RSV Virk says:

why this match didn't have commentary in Malaysia they broadcast it live with English commentary

Oscar Figueroa says:

Look at Walace fitting in the Hamburg squad already

Robert Lewandowski says:

Another title for us I guess…thanks. Hamburg

RB Leipzig 2016/17 says:

We need more experienced Center backs and a new keeper.

Penis Schei says:

#NoToRB !!!

TheGreatGambino says:

But Papadopoulos couldn't play like that for Leipzig…

Nathan Chapero says:

I feel bad for the fans of Leipzig now. I realize it was never the club I hated, but instead the owners of it. Hope they do well in the CL next season

Bryan Escalante says:

Wait didnt papadopoulus score a winning header last week too?

Vinicius Bilheri says:

Walace 12 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Parker Rydbom says:


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