RB Leipzig vs. Eintracht Frankfurt | 2016–17 Bundesliga Highlights

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Full highlights between RB Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt.

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John Allen says:

hope rb leipzig will be the champions this season

Owen Real says:

what on earth was the 1st goalkeeper thinking??

The kid says:

frankfurt lost?

hong chen says:

the first goalkeeper is very funny hahaahh

Mario Ng says:

Hope Leipzig maintains their impressive run…

Thiago #ForçaChape says:

Wenn das nicht selbst gemachte Richter wäre, hätte Frankfurt solcher Abfälle gewonnen.

Francis Kanneh says:

Eintracht Frankfurt is Europa League bound. Hertha Berlin is 3rd this year.

kamal abdul says:

keeper nya pensiun aja

Diego Alvarez de Lorenzana says:

keeper did the right thing

Matt Grove says:

naby my main man

Fortunato Heh says:

come on! RB leipzig

Holy League 1683 says:

Bayern will bring Leipzig down to earth. Can't wait to see it.

Ben Ndikanwu says:

yeah keita should stay there he was playing better than hazard

RB Leipzig 2016/17 says:

Today Keita was unreal, I hope he stays in this position.

RB Leipzig 2016/17 says:

I feel bad for the first Keeper but he should have had better positioning, but a win is a win.

Maravillaa says:

From these highlights, the subbed GK did well, the goals scored were difficult to save + 1 was an own goal…

Hashtag aroma says:

The goalie purposely touched the ball outside the box. He knew the player would score so he just sacrificed himself.

Persson Gamer says:

Timo Werner is rocking

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