Radamel Falcao | All 23 Goals for AS Monaco | 2016-2017

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Bruno Suster says:

Best columbiano ataquante best blessing radamel!

Simulation Gaming says:

Just playing football manager and, only just discovered how short he is. 177cm. I always assumed he was at least six foot.

MUFC RC says:

Cash me outside 4:12

Lee Sugden says:

falcao is shit

juan tobon says:

if all colombian players had the same mentality like falcao colombia would have become world champion by now.

Adrian Parra says:

ya tiene como 34 goles en la temporada craca

Kaya Demir says:

fenerbahçe monaco refree monaco win

Febreeze Cleaner says:

Naaaaaa falcao should of stayed at man united

will pennington says:

most goals are from terrible defending some players steal a living in french league

Willy Ferney Hernandez Diaz says:

Lo que no te mata te hace mas fuerte

Rohit Madhavan says:

Falcao!! How bout dah

jhonny walker says:

muy bn es un crack , grande Falcao

Mayank Kriplani says:

2 goals vs man city he is back

Just Dance says:

The last one is awesome

Christian Atehortua says:

vamos tigre exitos


Radamel Falcao – All 25 Goals & Assists Monaco 2016-17 ->> https://goo.gl/TXYhGE

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