“Passionless & spineless!” Says Oran | Manchester United FC 2-0 Chelsea FC | Fan Cam

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The Obnoxious Otter says:

Got Herrera'ed

Priince Brvce says:

He's the type of fan that'll support another club once Chelsea are in a pitfall

Delwyn Garcia says:

I don't know, but I think Costa hasn't been playing great at all. All I see is him picking fights with defenders, he sometimes loses the ball to easily or will over dribble the ball.

Steven King says:

This plastic prick probably hasn't sat foot in a LOI ground but is apparently an expert on the leagues quality.

luke says:

why the fuck are you gassing when your top of the league. Most of you like to slag your own team off. It dont make sense

That guy in the comment section says:

Forget the title, let's just beat Tottenham at Wembley

Galaxxy Remix says:

I'm from Ireland THANKS

Liverpool vs Everybody says:

Spurs beat you though! So why the emphasis on "spurs" please stop confusing your FIFA season on the video game and stick to real life! What

Liverpool vs Everybody says:

What is that?!

Eddie Tate says:

Mini down syndrome rent boy nearly in tears lol

Chelsea fans are fucking muppets.

NMS Fanboy says:

OMG!! One defeat in god knows how long and this midget is getting gassed. I am not even a Chelsea fan but it's clear this gingernut is just a glory hunter. Give me a break .

School With Joe says:

This kid has no confidence. It was one of those days. Us Chelsea fans have to stop going straight into panic mode and get behind the team!

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