Palace come back to earn draw with Leicester

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Crystal Palace came back from two goals down against Leicester City to earn a 2-2 draw.


Ibn Adam says:

Benteke should be charged with murder

Xforce367 7 says:

two teams that are trying not to get reglatited

Eastin Monstah says:

On cp second goal the defending was so fucking shit

GrayShark18 says:

how was there not a foul called on Benteke's goal?

theresonly1zlatan says:

what's up with this shitty background music, why not have the live match commentary instead

Robomonkey101 says:

big sam is master class at avoiding relegation

skillz360ist says:

what a goal from vardy

JollyOldBean says:

Very odd highlight format. No graphics on the screen to show what time during the game the events take place. And instead of announcer audio it's just the weird background music.

Mia Khalifa says:

serves those snakes

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