Ox: Unacceptable for Arsenal FC

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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain apologised to Arsenal fans after their defeat against West Brom and called for the club to fight their way out of their current predicament.


ZARE says:

Credit to him, really looks like he cares about the fans

welshie1979 says:

after looking at that 3rd goal – Ox should never play for Arsenal again – shocking…go and be a celeb ox as u r useless

Samantha Bell says:

you and the rest where shit, OX ? Dawson went past you so easily it's like you where a ghost, it was embarrasing, you where an embarrasment, the whole shower of shit Arsenal are at the moment with the exception of Sanchez, that's the only person I feel sorry for, he deserves to be in a much better side, I hope he leaves in the summer, he's way to good to wear a shitty Arsenal jersey

Ellen Ward says:

Feeling sorry 🙏 for Arsenal, they are stuck with Wenger for another year

Mattdem says:

Need to man mark! If Dawson was man marked he wouldn't have scored either goal! Thank you for trying Ox.

DF Skills says:

At least u tried ox unlike the others

Santeri Laakkonen says:

The only player to really care ❤

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