NBC documentary | AFC Bournemouth: Together, anything is possible

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Reza Hikmat says:

Together, anything is possible

Joseph Skinner says:

My dad was born and bred in Bournemouth, if only my grandparents would have been alive….
So much to admire.
Whenever I am down I just think of Bournemouth as the ultimate underdog….
I will refer to Bournemouth forever-on with pride…

j ko says:

i needed to pick a prem team to follow since i never really got into english football being an American. I knew about the big clubs and all their glory but after watching this documentary before this premier league season started, I fell in love with this club and now we are in 11th place, coming off of a 4 game stretch of either winning or drawing. We Are Staying Up!! Up The Cherries

Shaquille Lopes says:

can I join your football club

Ultra RJ says:

Come on Bournemouth!

Michael Ferguson says:

Love Bournemouth

Sean Hohnstrater says:

What was the song with the piano??

HarryWessex says:

In Secondary 2004-2009 we had a teacher who supported Bournemouth, we took the piss out of her… I guess she doesn't get that any more :L

Sean Hohnstrater says:

What was the song for when it went to commercial? It's like an inspiration and determination song

Will Tabor says:

We're not going down we almost got liquidated, we were in debt, were fucking sick

Ben and J says:

Anyone know what the last two songs at the end are? Thanks in advance

Stu The man says:

i like Eddie Howe.. he isn't big headed or get involved in petty manager digging each other. He is a man who cares about Bournemouth and who every game tries. Eddie Howe a manager who is always under estimated

BigLad says:

Everyone in Bournemouth owes a lot to Jeff Mostyn, he let his heart rule his head & saved them, now they are Premier League, mad respect, Eddie Howe is meant for Bournemouth he has done an outrageously good job. Incredible.

sjewitt22 says:

it's crazy teams in fourth tier getting thousands every week, you can't imagine that in America.
i really think promotion and relegation should be in American sports it makes it means so much more for other teams apart from the championship teams.

Daniel Storey says:

am a leeds fan and I think bournmouth are a good club and howe is amazing

Nathan Kuhlman says:

Mad respect from an Arsenal fan. What an inspiring story.

Rafas Mad says:

wow….just respect for this team…if I loved this club one time now I love it 100 times…although I didn't never search for this club history……wow this documentary was fantastic…..GO CHERRIES!!

Ashley James says:

Eddie Howe is a legend who can go against him

Rob Sweeney says:

how can you not like bournemouth a team thats hit such highs and lows

Sammcneil Gaming2017 says:


Dani Ramos says:


Tom G says:

I am I Brighton fan as well as a Bournemouth fan! They are a inspiration towards smaller teams, and definitely to me!

Moejii - says:

I'm a Liverpool supporter..who came here after we lost to the cherries. 🍒

Col Auty says:

Trust .. passion.. desire .. emotion and a unstinting willingness to give their all from the owners right through to the fans …. love it !


and they're still hanging in there! incredible. love this club, great and genuine fans, and a nice team, if i didn't support my club i would probably support bournemouth

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