My Stadium: Veltins Arena – FC Schalke 04

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Schalke keeper Ralf Fährmann shows us around the innovative Royal Blues’ Arena, with a peek inside its most hallowed sanctum – quite literally a chapel, which has already been used for 200 weddings and 800 baptisms. Check out the unique arena!

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4exgold says:

Those Germans know how to build stadiums

seneex says:

💙 i love schalke 04

darren lee says:

great stadium but schalke 04 training ground should upgrade

منتظر الغزي says:

ملعب جكوك احله منه

Syareez says:

so does the pitch get rolled or they were hid flatly under the stadium?

Chiara Noll says:

please check my last video !

united fans says:

good videos

Alicia Altamira says:

They should do it again with the new mining cave tunnels 🙂

valerio garofoli says:


Rony Spinelli says:

Um dos mais bonitos

MegaDilly17 says:

Fantastic stadium

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