Manchester United vs Chelsea Pre Match Analysis

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be oo7 says:

Manchester United will win

Abdullah Saeed says:

fuck off
anti united all the time

Obed Rooms says:

foolish pundits try to manage a team lets see. you guys take the easy way people hate listening to you guys. Idiots of the first order. Try managing a team and learn playing is way easy. I talk from experience, i have played and managed ask Gary he will tell you better. Don`t lett words come out of your mouths like Owen

Khadija Majait says:

I swear this 'chelsea fans' on the comments section weren't chelsea fans last season.

Bobbywoodhogan says:

It will be a tight game , I'm going Man U 0 Chelsea 2

Knight Oyin says:

Mourinho needs to start blaming the likes of Pogba for not driving the team forward and jogging around after falling over a few times. We have players that can move us forward but they seem to be lacking inspiration and the likes of Pogba are not helping at all. Mourinho needs to stop blaming the young players and boost their confidence instead! I think United can win this by 1-0. GGMU!

Dlemn Sport Z says:

Man united 3 chelsea 1

Mystic liverbird says:

What a joke Shaka hislop is. He always backed United to finish in the top4 above liverpool and now he is saying united will lose to chelsea. Complete joke of a show with such pundits

Yusuf Saheed says:

Why are these pundits always focusing on the negatives? Is that the only way they think they can make sense when all they do most times is just jump on the bandwagon of negativity and lick the arses of any winning team at the time. You guys are a bunch of clueless people who never made it big in your footballing careers. Imaging Shaka 'Hisflop' and Craig 'Burnley' talking as if they know more than Jose Mourinho when it comes to footballing matters. Yes, we have a terrible points haul at home because of the so many draws but don't you guys get it that when you are building a house, you start from the foundation? And that foundation has to be rock solid, and in this case that is our defense, which is right now the second best in the country, then afterwards you can concentrate on the other aesthetics, i.e other aspects of the game which is what Jose is doing. So, tell me how is that a bad thing for a manager who is in his first season at a massive club that has been messed up by two good coaches who were consumed by the enormity of the club and the task (Moyes and LVG). Jose Mourinho was employed t o rebuild Manchester United and he is doing exactly that so you guys should shut up. The job Conte had at Chelsea was not a rebuilding job, it was just to come and get the confidence of the players back because that group of players won the EPL under Jose just two seasons ago and now everybody thinks it is just all about Conte's magic that has made Chelsea successful, forgetting that Jose built that team, He made them mentally and tactically strong. Next season, the table will turn. How on earth do you want somebody to do a rebuilding job without pulling down some of the unwanted parts of the structure that is not working? How? So, if Martial is lazy, lackadaisical and Rashford is not, how is that Jose's fault? He is trying to call them out in order to make them brace up you say he is not doing it right. At the beginning of the season when he kept playing Rooney and team was suffering you kept criticizing him, he drops him and suddenly Rooney is the solution to the team's goal scoring problems. He bought Mikki, treated him toughly, you guys criticize him. You don't become a serial winner by being soft and that is why Jose is special. He always wins. Maybe you guys should look at yourselves again, then you will realize what was missing in your sour footballing careers, and that was a manager like Jose Mourinho. Take a look at most of the ordinary players he managed who all became tough and successful. Let him help you with some names; Deco, Benny Macarthy, Drogba, Anelka, Metterazi, Samuel E'too, Diego Milito, Lampard, Terry, Hazard, Willian, Higuain, Di Maria, Modric, Benzema etc. Ask all these players and they will tell you Jose made them tough and that toughness made them successful. So, Jose doesn't coach weak players. Evn the players you guys said he fell out with became tougher as a result of their encounters with him, e'g, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Mata, Ballotelli. So, stupid pundits shut you dirty traps and stop vomitting trash.

Muhammad ashid says:

we will fuk chelsea

Greek Gaddafi says:

Chelsea 3 manutd 0 destruction winning title at O T oh my God oh my God if conte dies he's a legend sodomizing Maureen and united last win for Man U against Chelsea atO T 2012 haha

FR 1733 says:

Worst with draw..not lost..hahaha they said like MU lost streak at home😂🤣..chill la bro..with few signings we will be better👍

Schooler II says:

craig burley talking rubbish as per usual

C Mac says:

Good analysis

Yunqkinqz Ent says:

worst sports pundits ever

Rickpal Thendup says:

Zlatan will kill Chelsea at OT

Brandon says:

Are these dumb fucks considered experts ?? Lmfao sad sad… yes we have been piss poor .. so many draws but Utd have lost at home once in all competitions this whole season which is even a better record than Chelsea. So yea while we can't seem to buy a win, people can't seem to beat us either. Utd won't get turned over as we did back in October. Not saying we will win, but that's dumb fucks don't even seem to know football. Considering we haven't lost at home since August/September

Vishak says:

A studio mix of the most disgusting voices ever. Stop stating the obvious, ya fuckin' geezer

John G says:

fuck man United ! Chelsea 3-0

Roy Mustang says:

Spends 90m on a walking haircut. lol

Jake Gusman says:

United need to pull this off

Toby Li says:

I'm united fan, I see a 0:0 draw

i'm the real deal says:

A hattrick of defeat this season against Chelsea loading…

vikky3319 says:

Maadar Chodh!!!

Abdul Qadir says:

ok there cunts

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