Manchester United vs Chelsea 2:0 Highlights / Goals

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Man United vs Chelsea 2:0 Highlights
Manchester United vs Chelsea 2:0 Goals
Manchester United – Chelsea


Mark Dermeister says:

kante made right mess in that second goal…he is human after all.

gio hi says:

I think rasford will be a big player

xCrussless HD says:

Young Herrera and Rashford made the difference ❤⚽

gearsplayer0612 says:

The Herrera-pogba midfield put in work, hell even fellaini pounded the pavement

alzauri fatahillah says:

although hererra did handball, it became nothing with his through pass.

Tiger SJK says:

Against the BIG teams, Rashford > Zlatan. With slow Zlatan, counterattack is almost impossible. Let him score a lot against not Big teams. I know Zlatan has been contributing a lot so far, but with him the attacking options are limited.

Rendi Rompas says:

i'm a utd fans, i think it was a handsball in the build up for the first

second thing is, any suggestion to release Ashley Young is rubbish
that man can contribute significant enough for at least another season

Andrea Cominelli says:

conte is overrated, he won italian championship (with the best italian team), but in europe he didn't do anything.
I'm curious to see what he will do with chelsea in CL.
Mourinho and Conte should win CL with their team…


Pogba dominated kante

Mirta Potulic says:

Go rashy do your thing!

fiacreativity1991 says:

Rashford has scary potential!

Max Lake says:

Man U needed to win this as You can't let someone get the psychological edge. Once a team makes a habit of beating you they relax and play there best. As you can see here Chelsea were forced to play bad. This is a formative year for man U and they are building very slowly. I feared even if they improved next year a loss here would mean it would be very difficult to beat Chelsea again without a clear magnitude of one man power advantage. Now even if Chelsea win the league this year. ManU will have a psychological edge into next year and can expect ManU Chelsea games to be draws as both sides will play tight and not take risks. One reason Chelsea lost year may well be becasue they did not have enough respect for ManU. But this is becoming Mourino manU now and once again mourino is proving he is the best manager of all time. The record speaks for itself.
Give him 3 seasons at a club with finacial clout and he will win the league or at worst be in close second place any league in the world with a cup or two. Chelsea will regret sacking him as it's his team playing at chelsea right now and Conte will only make it worse every time he makes a signing. Unless he is a great manager. Winning with someone elses team does not prove that. Especially one that betrayed their previous manager for a women and now seek to show that they were playing bad on purpose by playing out of their skins from spite. That team is held together with the wrong glue. It's a bad group of people. Lots of infighting even this year. I think the right back was sleeping with the physio also – his form fell off a cliff when she went and I noticed body language between them. Hazard and costa just liked a good massage I think. Lots of soap opera going on in the medical team at Chelsea I'll wager.

Marioabelto says:

Fucking David Luiz, is one of the most overrated defenders in the World! I can't believe how expensive is!

Fury King says:

Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia bossed it.

Alex says:

United is my heaven.
Greetings from a Manchsester United fan from Greece!

SilverS says:

Complete domination.

Nemanja Djordjevic says:

jose murinho

Precious Izuogu says:

where my pussy chelshit fans at? talk loser diver player club,,& get ready for relegation battle next season if yall dare win d league dis season,,check stat 4 d past two season😂😂

Markose Kuriakose says:

Manchester United is awesome

Blassing Benita says:

Am a Chelsea fan but credit to United

Kevin Zhou says:

Rashford plays much better when face a team that does not put all their players in their own half. He needs room and space to play his speed. Big congrats to MU! Wish to see more games like this!

David Marky says:

Nice pass Herrera!

Hemant Dhamija says:

United OWNED chelski in this match

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