Manchester United vs Chelsea 2-0 April 16th 2017 All Goals and Highlights!

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Kingbacon Gaming//Games Belepe says:

haters back off because we still holdin the table first place baby

Dstriker 500 says:

How has this channel still only got 6k subs / like if you agree

Bosslyksufi says:

Momo this is poor where's the commentary the video is poor I know ur on holiday but come on momo ur better than this

Niklas Olsen says:


Rta Pachuau says:

5:14 The passion and determination shown by Herrera. ✌️

Gil Fernando says:

Both teams need somebody like Neymar. What i saw today for Chelsea. Neymar would hold the ball, be a thinker, playmaker. Neymar would help breakdown that defense by Man United with his dribbling abilities in both large and small spaces. I noticed Chelsea were passing the ball over here and over around the box but no one had the ability to dribble and break that defense. Diego Costa is great but he is a poor dribbler and Hazard is a dribbler for large spaces. Now, Man United needs Neymar for the same reason. Rushford had several opportunities to damage even more Chelsea's defense. He is a good runner but his dribbling abilities still need lots of improvements. Pobga is good but not as skillful with the ball like Neymar or Messi. Ibramovic is only a goal scorer who can only dribble in large spaces. So, Neymar would really help and do well in both teams as he has the abilities to breakdown defenses with dribbling skills. What i saw today is the type of games Neymar likes and he can decide really quick because of spaces he would have. There was way too many rooms for Neymar to shine in this match even if he was playing like a winger, false 9, mid-field helper you name it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Mo Does 360 says:

Great the highlights doe

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