Manchester United vs Chelsea 2-0 – All Goals and Highlights – Premier League (16/04/2017) HD

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Caris Javazz says:

good job herrera rashford!!!

stevno says:

horrible defending from chelsea

Hayato the Sky Gamer says:

Go Chelsea ! You'll be champions

wtf says:

matic kante noob

How To says:

Manchester United vs Chelsea

Pr. Y. says:

Chelsea didn't even have a single chance in the box

Egemen Deliorman says:

David Luiz is a fiasco.

Ramsey Valencia says:

really want tottenham to win the league, but i feel like they will fuck it up like last year.

Isabel Paz says:

Rashford is on fire! <3

Lachlan Pugh says:

Go on united

Aliymuizz Adamamsyar says:

first goal david luiz just want complete run…second goal david luiz love his hair…huhu

Abdikarim Ali says:

This was the best complete game for this season we never played like this Congrats Manchester United Woooow Hazard was Herreras Pocket 😂

Alberto Chungo says:

I hope tot win it😌

Neville Robertson says:

David luiz was paid to leave the ball alone

fabio saccocci says:

david luiz idiot..

Eliot Groove says:

Rashford played his ass off. Glory Glory Man Utd!!!

Matheus Silva says:

David Luis the is Defense ''Nutela''

Themonster 1 says:

manchester is the best

JPR Gaming says:

Fuck United we are still going to win the league

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