Manchester United V Everton Fc In The Fa Cup Semi Final Penalty Shootout Full

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Man u took on everton at wembley to battle for a place in the final against chelsea the game went all the way to pens and then it looked hard 4 efc wen tim cahill missed his pen but then the ova tim of the team tim howard saved berbatov and ferdinands it gave everton hope then jagielka put his away to send efc to the final for a all blue finish at wembely


beardan76 says:

First time ive seen this… brilliant. Shame about the final though 😉

Recilz says:

Back at it again

Pieter Bebbington says:

Bad choice of peno takers there for utd to start with.

Jack says:

108 salty manchester united fans

copdrop6 says:

Back when Tim Howard was at his best.

MadPowerBlock says:

tim howard is the best goalkeeper he inspierd me to be a goalkeeper

Kevin James says:

Tim had something to prove against Man U after a loan and transfer to Everton, He proved it against them here and is underrated.

allwhitesfan112 says:

Love the moment when phil shoots the last penalty and then there's the small moment of silence before the Everton fans go mental 😀

humanrace says:

Tim Howard and Julio Cesar are the most underrated goalkeepers in the history of soccer

Rustled Jimmies says:

Still get goosebumps watching this. The final was the best 25 seconds of my life haha COYB

Xxwarman20xX says:

When I watch this it cheers me up but then I remember the finals and then everything goes dark again

Lan Nguyen says:

Tim Howard really is something else; on another not god that guy looks just like zac efron

Toffee Mc says:

Moyes stays calm and shakes fergie's hand but you can tell inside he's like "OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH!!!"

Pugy says:

best video and commentator on youtube!!!

LukeC692 says:

Best day of my life, shame we didn't win it, goosebumps every time I watch it

Daynefc18 says:

Doesn't matter how many times I watch this I get Goosebumps every times

Any Key says:

Anyone says man u fans are glory hunters well their wrong, some are yes i can name full team name and country and number. Suck on that dick face

Toffee Mc says:

Greatest day of my life. I was there!

Ccccc says:

ANDO!!! <3 my favourite player, not a utd fan though. Congrats to Everton!

XpoZedBeatz says:

haha read the description.

Samuel Rabinowitz says:

we could have won if we had wazza!

LA_Galaxy741 says:

Tim Howard! An American hero

1manUalex says:

"Bet Leighton Baines doesn't do that" haha

The Football Toffee says:

GO EVERTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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