Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea – Antonio Conte Full Post Match Press Conference

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Post-match press conference with Chelsea manager Antonio Conte following their 2-0 loss to Manchester United in the Premier League.

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ali rizky says:

just forget this guys, now we shall wait arsenalfan tv lol

Addis Erco says:

anyway Chelsea is champion!!!!

TheGgggghhhhhh says:

shit trainer.

fairyflamer says:

All i know Conte got outplayed by tactics which Man United players managed to pull it off. TBH even without one of 2 of their key players, Chelsea formation shouldnt be far off to fight against the opponent. I mean have you ever wonder where is Matic in the entire game. Doesnt matter about referees decision or whatsoever when a team manage to nullified your team with "Zero" shots on target, it means they managed to pull off tactically and played very well.


Poor Chelsea players. They're fucked. He is fuming.

Noel XXIV says:

<3 conte

Charlie Higgins says:

The Special One returned today and showed why tactically he is still the best manager in the English league.

ExtremeIdeology says:

Hate Chelsea but i can't never hate Conte. Good Manager at the wrong club

OG12 says:

he lost the plot, hopefully man city win title now and not a london club

Clifford Agyekum says:

its annoying when I hear other Chelsea fans saying will smash united.
I had a bad feeling
I said the least we could have gotten was a draw.
bit they were just too arrogant.

hanibal tewelde says:

he admitted morinho destroyed his whole career

mo Adam says:

conte is hero but the player ambition curve has gone down they are like tired according to begging of the season

Darren Lennon says:

The gap was 13 points at the top about 6 weeks ago you headcase

pjos12 says:

Antonio Conte is a perfect gentleman.. unlike Jose Mourinho. Conte is the manager Chelsea deserves and the one they need. Mourinho is the manager that Utd deserves. He was responsible to selling the best players Chelsea had.. Lukaku, De Bruyne, Mata etc. Conte will win the PL no doubt. Let's see if Mou can claw himself into the top 4 ?!!

Kevin Yahuma says:

humble guy….forever blues

Edward Bevins says:

Whenever chelsea loses there's always a excuse according to their supporters starting to sound like wenger.


good performance united getting closer to top 4 ..good luck winning the league chelsea.

G TV says:

87 points wins it. Spurs won't get 87 points.

jayminx says:

I prefer to have pressure than stay calm and don't fight for anything. Nice words from him. I trust him. He is a winner and the boys know that now this is a wake up call. We only have one very difficult chalange now and its Everton away while Spurs have Leicester away and Arsenal and MU to play with plus the crystal palace derby. I still think we'll be able to win the title.

Abdiwahab Said Hussein says:

I like the control of this manager, he is twice the man Mou could ever be. Mourinho got his revenge and today outclassed Chelsea. Hazard was lost in another man's pocket, they say he is still there. I will forever support Chelsea

millenium2003 says:

Now everyone knows how to beat chelsea.

Creative KiIIer says:

A deserved win from MAN U. They played better today but every good team loses here and there. I see good things with conte if he stays here with chelsea. Hope we can achieve more than we did with Mour. We respected mour until he backstabbed us so now I forgot everything we won with him. As far as I am concerned he was never our coach.

Ali Abutrab says:

Great words from a great manager , no blame no complain even when the ref was shit

Alex Wilson says:

we football fans have the memory of a goldfish

sanchez is a poor man's hazard says:

you need to drop Costa and send cahill back to Bolton he's useless, nothing but a passenger remove the captain band from him

Eddy A says:

He looks like he has bad breath…

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