Leicester City 2-0 Sevilla (Agg 3-2) – Full Post Match Analysis

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Leicester City 2-0 Sevilla (Agg 3-2) – Full Post Match Analysis

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Kate l-/ says:

Schmeichel is no doubt my favourite footballer in the world – incredibly talented, incredibly humble and not to mention how great his english is!!

Benitez Sucks says:

Can we also stop this bs that pship teams need a midwinter break to compete..Liverpool had 16 days off before the Leicester game and lost 3-1(shld have been more)..It is absolute bullshit..

Jack Lobb says:

vardy is a diving cunt

y2w00dy says:

Yeah course

Reda Masmi says:

ايا بطاطا كاروطا بصل توم

Yaya Deutense says:

respect for leicester.welcome to the game.welcome to champions league.'juve real barca atletico monaco.dortmund.bayer it s hot for leicester.

John Lopez says:

Seriously no respect to this guy not only can't he answer questions correctly and tries to brush them off but he's an arrogant mediocre goalkeeper that will forever be in his dad's shadows.

Vaibhav Kolamkar says:

now leicester coming home in next draw they played well till now dream of cl now come home

Frederik Steffensen says:

Kasper Schmeichel is so humble, omg

Oo oO says:

The bad guys of the PL are they only team in CL..



Benitez Sucks says:

Last 5 seasons number of appearances in CL Quarter Finals
"Best League in the world"-4
Most competitive league,ya right..Overhyped dross..100m on Sterling and Stones..Hyping up Alli and Kane..Both were useless in the CL..Kane top English striker over last 3 seasons but took corners v Iceland..
Games are rubbish too..Utd at Chelsea,1st v 6th Mon night was atrocious..Pogba 90m..Jones 20m..Ridiculous money..

Naveen Magapu says:

Leicester City are the only english team left in the Champions league now.. Shows how poor the league really is.


Lol… Man City just got their ass handed to them by a side not even worth a tenth of their net value. Time for the delusional 'Premeir' League fans to return to their caves. Good knowing you.

jamestoni says:

vardy should be banned for cheating.

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