Juventus vs Real Madrid 1-4 – UHD 4k UCL Final 2017 – Full Highlights (English Commentary)

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Chacho Canala says:


Eri Loni says:

What a quality!

Eri Loni says:

Well as a Bayern fan there's something i can be proud of this terrible season.

nam to says:

Ronaldo la so 1 …

Akeeme Williams says:

Chelsea is coming for champions league

Matías Gonzálvez says:

El real madrid da puto cáncer maricones de mierda

roalziroalzi says:

imperial Madrid invencible ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ 13th the next in 2018…..

kalunda says:

Everyone wanted Madrid to lose

Samavedam Sriram says:

Amazing video!! Thanks for the upload!
Can you provide link for the uncropped version please?? That would be a great help!

Accipiter says:

Ronaldo is the man that makes the difference

fugnana says:

Thanks Madrid!

hayden the man tgm says:

juventus= scored a AMAZING GOAL
ronaldo= jealous and what's to score the same goal to get the credit missed it

Manahati Zamorano says:

buffon pussy celebrating mandzukic goal just like be a champs

Lew CRVG says:

CR7 is the best player, I'm sure he'll win FIFA Ballon d'Or 2017.

Mackenzie Bros says:

I was so disappointed watching juventus lose 4-1

Joaquim Ree Castanheira says:

F*ck serigo Ramos!

German Roberto says:

Porque los anglosajones no cantan los goles? Son mas fríos que un iceberg.

Toby Price says:

Luca mowdric 😂

Gale Frcic says:

CR7 the GOAT!

Victor Caruntu says:

fuck you all te madrid fans and barcą haters, fuck you Ronaldo, fuck you all

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