Jurgen Klopp pre-match press conference – West Brom vs. Liverpool

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David R Mellor says:

you have heart and soul

Cai Fôn Davies says:

Very excited to the big match tomorrow afternoon! I hope that we can build on that magnificent win against Stoke City last Saturday, and continue our momentum into this game! I also believe that it will be interesting to see whether Klopp goes with a three or four-at-the-back based formation tomorrow, and whether collectively, the players can carry on with the impetus and character shown in the second half last time out, but this time out sustain the exceptional standard throughout the whole 90 minutes!
So, for this crucial match tomorrow afternoon, here's my starting XI prediction:
Clyne Matip Lovren Milner
Wijnaldum Lucas Leiva Emre Can
Firmino Origi Coutinho
SCORE PREDICTION: West Bromwich Albion 0-2 LIVERPOOL (with Firmino and Coutinho getting on the scoresheet again!)
KEY MAN PREDICTION: Roberto Firmino (with yet another masterful performance spurring us to all three points tomorrow!)
C'mon Liverpool! Let's keep the spirit and this run going! C'mon Redmen! #WeGoAgain #DoubtersToBelievers #WeAreLiverpool #YNWA #⚽🔴❤

TheNovelty8theory says:

Zionist false flag terrorism to divide and rule the general European population and to gain support from the masses to continue destroying the middle east and to progress the Greater Israel Project. People need to wake up to this and fact isis are funded, armed and trained by our governments and intelligence agencies, the enemy is within the gates and the general public are being played like a fiddle.

Thunder213MMXI says:

The clowns at UEFA needs to take a good long look at themselves. Looking at it from both the sociological and business perspectives, UEFA needs to take better care of the players and the fans. Because they are after all football's major assets. The match between Dortmund and Monaco should not have been played the day after the bombing.

Against West Brom every player has to step up and be accountable. Come on LFC lets have a good team performance from the start and have a good win.

Nuno Chaquice says:

YNWA Dortmund from a Liverpool supporter I feel like you are my brothers! Hope you manage to beat Monaco in the second leg!
As for Liverpool, I think we will play with 3 center backs again, W. Brom is one of the most dangerous teams from set pieces, plus Hendo, Lallana and Mane are unavailable! They are dangerous from set pieces we are dangerous at open play, if we focus more on our game we will beat them easily!


The Patriot says:

I saw the Borussia game. I thought they did incrediably well under such difficult circumstances. They are a credit to the German people and to themselves. #YNWA

Nathan Williams says:

My prediction – (West Brom 2 – 2 Liverpool)

We've only managed one clean sheet against West Brom in the last 5 meetings so I know there will definitely be goals in this game. We have the players to score goals but our defenders need to have a good game if we want to win this match. We are two wins away from securing Champions League football next season. YNWA!

angrylamb84 says:

this was supposed to be a pre match press conference?journalists asked klopp about everything but the match.

Mel Simpson says:

Jurgen Klopp was the final piece for me to go from a neutral to a Liverpool supporter. He seems to be a good man through and through. Plus, he's a ton of fun and an excellent manager. LFC you did well!

Dat1Guy YT says:

2 1 liverpool

Nish Padalia says:

play the video at 1.25x speed. thank me later

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