Introducing the brand new Manchester United VR headset

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Dream Team says:

Thumbs up if you'd buy one of these!

LegitShade says:

The guy at 0:33 looks like Ricky Rubio of the Minnesota Timberwolves!

george ignatiou says:

778 likes 64 comments

mantoocha says:

As a Manchester United fan… this is awesome. If only we could actually forget David Moyes was "the chosen one"..

Zod Sinclair says:

Gud God, what are Arsenal fans gona buy and use to forget this season?

Samuli Sironen says:

I'm really surprise this channel has under 100k subs. The videos are funny and well made, a big fan of the channel.

Seb Page says:

Howard Webb supports Rotherham btw

Flying Pig United says:

Where can I get one of these head sets? Also is Cantona about?

Callum Brown says:

Fuck united! Every united fan lives in London

Dexter Morgan says:

Was that the girl who appeared in one of KSI's videos??

sinead cunningham says:

what has the freefly vr got to do with man utd is it sponsored by United or is it a united app or wot?

Rouvin Fernandes says:

pls tell me that's brandy brewer or whats her name now amy

Jimmy Geezer says:

Look at that busty slut


1999 was the price and the treble year

Avi Magan says:

This is mint 😂😂
I wish this was a real thing and I didn't have to see us draw all our games.

MCFC KDB says:

#Banthesun racists, saying that the Hillsborough disaster was the fans fault, now calling Barkley a gorilla who is mixed race and his grandad is from Jamaica.

Sujith Steffensen says:

Im triggered😂

Manuel Gonzalez says:

"side affects may include chronic masterbation" this part killed me

abdullah ahmed says:

I'm a Manchester United fan and I got to say it gave me a good laugh

Anirudh Sivakumar says:

United players are truly artists.

I mean, they are seriously good at drawing.

xiDynazty Gaming says:

Wait this is this not a JMX video

Ryan Fletcher says:

The training worked yesterday Jansen scored

Basic Gamer says:

Event tough I'm Man Utd fan it is pretty funny but dream team is bit biased to Man Utd.

Wqter - PES Since '08 says:

Weirdest video I've seen yet. Um… keep up the good work?

Tess Banjoko says:

who is the girl at 0:22

Clancy Grealish says:

This video is hilarious!!!

Stepan Razin says:

ulan efsane ya.
best premier league channel ever

AnonymousFootballFan 2003 says:

Its funny how much people hate Man. United 😂 I love it 🖕

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