Hull City’s Curtis Davies | Taxi to Training

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This week Hull City defender Curtis Davies hitches a lift to work with comedian, aspiring goalkeeper and Grimsby Town FC fan Lloyd Griffith to take on our taxi trivia challenge.

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Zodama Renthlei says:

really like it, please do it with Emre Can or Sadio Mane

Will Cal Tess Smith says:

Cmon you hull

Fifa Sk1LLz 1 says:

its funny because the only one that has paid him is alli

owen clarke says:

God I love Curtis, always welcome back at Luton

ragii says:

What a lad.

FirstTouch Playz says:

meyler is the tallest one

The Bromwell Group says:

tom huddleston and harry maguire are the same height

RyPlayZz- Vlogs and Gaming Videos says:

" And the key one ere nere ulls a sh*thole

Dave Mack says:

came across as a top man did our Curtis.

Yorkie Bar-man says:


Yorkie Bar-man says:

Grim Scum!!

Omar Hanif says:

I hope thats Vicks lol

Ollie Davies says:

Tom's old hair would make him taller than harry haha

Richard Phillips says:

Garbage , watching an I did know what was watching I just about to change it over an I looked up an sore it was a BBC 3 video , why does a well known channel put trash on , I don't know why you an not bothered about being shit since up put it on the net

Harry Carter says:

Is this some kind of Fake Taxi rip off?

Jimmy Smith says:

Get Eric Dier and Dele Alli on at the same time

SantomPh says:

£40 surcharge lol

CleggyPlays says:

shame these dont get many views. I love them

Tmartn - Sponsored by CSGOLotto says:


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