Hull City Vs SportPesa AllStars Match Highlights

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Hull City hosted SportPesa AllStars in an entertaining memorable match at the KCOM Stadium on the 27th of February 2017 with the hosts comingout as the eventual winners with a 2-1 win.

With the lads giving their all in their first time on England soil, a lot has been seen by many & with the seed planted to the overall goal of showcasing Kenyan talent to the world!

Here are the highlights to the match.

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Othuon Obiero says:

wazee vs vijana

O.M.A LAND says:

they lost to those kids and they are the best in kenya 😂😂😂 lol

Mwangi P says:

Allstars ni mavi sana mlipeleka aibu continent ya wenyewe better mngebaki nyumbani.

Ceciliah Kabuu says:

congrats they tried

robert kamau says:

First for all,thanks to sportpesa for sponsoring a kenyan team to play in the english league aganist a well established team, the play from the kenyan guys were good, makwata did play well, thanks to mieno for that score, I would say that ,i am excited to see that kenya can produce such good players regardless of the situation facing the kenyan soccer teams. Thanks guys ,keep it up, I would give a B+ rating in this game.

Dedan Migai says:

The boys performed well. Keep it up.

Haitham Ali says:

yaani tunafungwa na hull city team c…poor selection of players..shld go all round kenya

Mike Moli says:

tried though….though thy could hve scored if thy were sharp enough

Jamuhuri Safari says:

Very amateur finishing. The best players are the ones who execute any chance they get to make that score successfully! More training, polish those skills & we should be good to conquer!

Raph M says:

I always wonder why some people always have to be negative against their own! Anyway, spesa we need more of these pleeease!


Makwata must have been spoted. The pal is so fast and had a very good game


They did a good job but with poor finishing

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