Hull City shock Liverpool with 2-0 win

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Hull City scored a goal in each half and held Liverpool scoreless to earn a massive three points with a surprising 2-0 victory.


BIG FISH says:

Man Und is the only team benefiting from all the top 4's losing

Ernest Wu says:

awful hat hardly fkgxteu unexpected muslim terrorist ill stable.

Bryan4569 says:

Hernandez is so garbage

bashar azaiza says:

It's look like Hull city play with Sunderland.!! Lol 😝 🤣

Oliver Linehan says:

Honestly they're all shit 25 fucking years of watching this crap losing to Hull ctiy wolves swansea fuckin useless cunt motherfucking players. useless shite this lot are. its only fitting we concede after our CM playing LB blasts the ball into hendos face and then lallana lets the ball roll under him. not to mention the sitters lallana mane coutinho and firmino miss every game. it is obvious we needed a GK a CB a CM a winger and a striker this January and we signed fuck all so honestly clear out Klopp and FSG while we're at it useless fucking management and ownership.

LTG says:

We might not even stay in top 4 if they keep playing like this

Slavs are white says:

Slippy G returns to Liverpool and they haven't won a game since.

Simon Henry says:

R.I.P. Title hopes.-Signed, Slippy Gerrard

Tyler Nguyen says:

Amazing saves from Hull City's goalkeeper. Well done 👏👏

Édwârd Î Ñ/ says:


Bamba Sow says:

Goals from two fellow Senegalese , to think that they wasn't even called at the Afcon yet they are doing a better performance than Sadio Mane !

Steelers Fan 2 says:

Can I have likes for no reason?

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