[HIGHLIGHTS] FUTBOL FEM (Copa): FC Barcelona – Atlético de Madrid Féminas (4-1)

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reixmolon2 says:

Si si… pero el barça b masculino les pasa por encima

Sara Makahleh says:

what a goals 💎💎
so proud 💜💜

Obliviate Music says:

Un título para despedir a Xavi Llorens. Muy buen trabajo, chicas! Totalmente merecido.

Cuh Baby says:

champions!!! congratulations

CR7 HD says:

Today it's my birthday can i get 100 subscribers Please guys help me😘

The Isla says:

Nur der FC Bayern München und der FC Barcelona 💕

Jose Luis Dominguez Flores says:

visca barça

maya K.k says:

ole ole ole ole
good job girls

Kudriashka says:

I am girl and I like to play football very much

Gaming With Prag says:

0:37 to 0:48 messi's daughter

Barcelona Fc o melhor says:

si escrevam no meu canal

TheTobi2Uchiha says:

I dreamed that night that Verratti is going to come and that Ronaldinho persuaded him to come to Barcelona! 😅 What a beautiful dream! Does it come true? 😮

Fan de Brye numero 2 says:

Felicidades 😀

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