Fulham 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur – Emirates FA Cup 2016/17 (R5) | Official Highlights

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Fulham 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur – Emirates FA Cup 2016/17 Fifth Round.

Highlights from the Fifth Round of the 2016/17 Emirates FA Cup match between Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur.

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Brajen Malakar says:

still getting their ashes kicked in the champions league… English teams are a joke… Let's hear some but hurt comments now…

2DRembo says:

Come on you spurs!!!

Diogo Silva says:

Where was the linemen on this game? Many Tottenham attacks not ruled off


Tottenham is power

BSoullessTV says:

they played without offside in this game?!

siddharth singh says:


Abdirizack Mohamed Ali says:

tottenham win

Joshua Bond says:

Harry Kane AKA Hurricane

THFC Chaz says:

He's magic you knowwww Mauricio pochettinooooo

dutchy8233 says:

harry kane "one of our own" supported Arsenal. "Arsene wenger we want you to stay" finished above them for 20 years joke club.

Stevens says:

Trippier needs to move on. Would be a regular RB at most other clubs.

Patrick Beecroft says:

Spurs are on their way to Wembley!

Linton Jr says:

Shoutout to the ball boy for the first goal.

Unsubscribing repetitive channels Very soon says:

Harry Kane and Vardy are flops. Was Kane sleeping when Liverpool destroyed them? Leicester city is fourth to the last on the table.

Alexander Dinesen says:

Tottenham are looking really good. Going to be tough for Millwall.

Logan J3 says:

Put your head in the toilet Tottenham you can go to the PlayStation

lamond says:

Did Fulham even have a proper shot

MCDankrupt says:

Hopefully a sign of spurs getting back in form.

Tottenham TV says:

Well done Tottenham going to go to wonder

example 13 says:

Kane out played us

Football Goals 2017 says:

Go away Tottenham like your dad

szewei85 says:

kane in reign haha

OUJA TV says:

They reposted this I'm sure

Abdul Rashid says:

White Hart Kane!!

awesome gamer 123 Dan jones says:

First comment view and like

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