“Every game now is a final!” | Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea FC | Fan Cam

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100PercentChelsea is a youtube channel for real Chelsea fans. We interview Fans at games and create other shows about Chelsea F.C. London is Blue.


Madmanx85 says:

I don't i've ever seen fans celebrating after there team losers

ArtSurroundsYouAll says:

At the start of the year on various fan channels including Chelsea fan channels i said that Chelsea will slip up they have some bad results in them and Conte will be found out or the players will bottle it. I was told by countless Chelsea fans that 'I'm talking out of my arse', that I'm 'deluded', I was told to fuck off I'm talking utter shit'. So before the Crystal Palace match i said Palace will beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge as they have looked dodgy last few weeks. Again I was pretty much told basically the same as before. I then said after the game Chelsea will lose more matches and I said then Man Utd will beat them. You can guess what Chelsea fans said to me then, even though I'm not a Man Utd fan. So run forward to today just wondered where are the Chelsea fans now am I still deluded, talking out of my arse etc….Spurs only 4 points behind..I said it before Chelsea will not win the league if Spurs keep winning. 6 games to go. Chelsea still have some more bad results in them, they've been found out. Sorry Chelsea fans but you are throwing it away.

Superior No1 says:

Where was so called Best player in the Premier League Eden Hazard today oh yeah in Ander Herrera pocket 😂😭

Superior No1 says:

20 Times motherfuckers GGMU!!

joe khaled says:

getting too defensive when costa is shite

Ian Jones says:

Were coming for you were coming for youuuuu CHELSEA RENTBOYS WERE COMING FOR YOU!! Yids yids yids

henrikh mkhitaryan says:

That awkward moment when you realise that Chelsea trained the entire week on how to tame Ibra, Mourinho drops him for pace and they get confused. Master tactician! 😂😂

Tulli Hayat says:

Bloody chavs everywhere


hazard was playing safe

Laurence Elliott says:

Please don't turn into arsenal fan tv

Arsenal & Wrestling says:

100pct chelsea and chill 👍

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